One of my hobbies is buying and selling crap on eBay; this has led quite a formidable collection of gear over the years that someone else once paid several million dollars for. These pages will hopefully someday be populated with useful documentation.


  • AMS/Laserscope Greenlight HPS - 140W diode-pumped medical green. Ongoing series of posts describing the saga starts here.
  • Thales DIVA II 532HP - 20Hz, 10mJ/8nS frequency-doubled DPSS YAG, pumped by a QCW diode stack.
  • Photonics Industries DS20-527 - 1kHz, 15mJ/60nS frequency-doubled Nd:YLF, pumped by a pair of 30W Coherent FAP diodes. For all intents and purposes an off-brand Evolution.
  • Spectra Physics MG532C - 2W OEM version of the Spectra Physics Millennia; the one I have is impressively defunct and I never got around to rebuilding it.
  • OEM Coherent Taipan - 2W green/blue OPSL's. I think these were projector prototype components; the inside of the power supply is spectacularly sketchtastic, featuring such things as the head board out of the Vitesse mounted at a funny angle, and menu entries like "Chamelonize Me!"
And a few honorary members of the family, belonging to Peter:
  • Coherent Vitesse - one-box femtosecond Ti:Sapphire oscillator with integrated Verdi V5 pump.
  • SPI RedPower - 100W Yb fiber laser.
  • Coherent Mamba - 600 (yes, SIX HUNDRED) watt multimode diode-pumped YAG.
Imaging Devices
  • Phase One P25 - 22MP medium format camera based around the Kodak KAF-22000CE sensor. You don't want one, they are absurdly expensive and not very ergonomic.
  • View Camera - Basically a janky Sinar P3. I built this out of a Sinar M, the standards and rails out of a Sinar X, and a Sinarback 54H. Same sensor as the Phase One, but a whole lot more useful.
  • Fairchild Imaging Peregrine 3041 - 4MP square (31x31mm) deep-cooled scientific camera.
  • Photron Fastcam Ultima APX - 1024x1024@2000FPS, 4/3" format BSI CMOS sensor; has some of the slowest image download times I've ever seen out of a $100,000 camera
  • Photron Fastcam Ultima 512 - Absolutely adorable 1/2-scale version of the APX; 2/3" 512x512 sensor @2000FPS.
  • Redlake MotionXtra HG-SE - 500FPS@1280x1024 using a roughly 4/3"-format PB-MV13 CMOS sensor.
  • Basler acA1920-155uc - 155FPS 1080p global-shutter CMOS camera
  • BAE Systems SCC-500 - 60FPS microbolometer thermal camera.
  • Amber Enterprises AE4256 - 1st generation 256x256 InSb focal plane array, 256x256@30FPS
I also own an ever-changing collection of more mundane consumer cameras, currently a Nikon D7100 and a Samsung NX500, that I use when I actually want to take pictures.

  • IBM X3950 M2 - one of the largest x86 boxen in existence, 2, 4, or 8 4U quad-Dunnington nodes lashed together with a custom IBM interconnect.
  • SGI Altix UV100 - has potential to be even bigger than the above system; up to 96 sockets of Nehalem-EX under one system image. Mine is tiny - only 8 sockets - but hopefully someday it will grow.
  • SGI Altix UV1000 - Even bigger, rack-scale variant of the UV100. 512 cores and 512 DIMM slots in a 1-ton, 42U rack.
  • Sun SunFire X4600 M2 - Octal Barcelona (Opteron 83xx). An incredibly beautiful server, top-notch build quality and serviceability. No longer particularly fast, but can be cheaply loaded with 256GB of RAM and is a wonderful box for virtualization.
  • Tyan S4985 - Octal Opteron built out of two motherboards stacked on top of each other. I got this thing so far as to POST, and then lost interest...
  • EVGA SR2 - the one and only king of enthusiast motherboards; I've owned three different ones and have loved them all. Dual-socket 1366, claim to fame is the unlocked base clock and voltages in the BIOS. (2016 update - wow, still fast half a decade out!)

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