Electric Shifter Kart

This project doesn't have a name yet, so we alternately call it the "big Go-Kart" or "Altermotter Massacre". A collaborative project between several of us at MITERS, this go-kart is my latest scheme to use hybrid car parts to build fun vehicles.

Why a go-kart and not a car conversion? Mostly because it's hard to fit a car inside a small shop. Furthermore, transplanting the innards of a Hyundai Sonata into another random car results in...an inferior Hyundai Sonata. Drop-in conversions make sense for particularly interesting, light, or beautiful cars with low stock power (e.g. C3 Corvette, original Mini, funny vans) but no current EV not made by Tesla has the power to do a high-performance car justice.

The documentation is split into a series of posts, currently consisting of:


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