Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Sonata Pack Module Testing

I'd upload a 3-angle view if Blogger had a working gallery function
Dane was kind enough to run some tests on an 8S submodule from the Hyundai Sonata pack using is datalogging-enabled Hyperion charger.

This pack is quite aged, showing only 4Ah out of the 5.3 rated amp-hours.

However, pack impedance is promising, hovering between 10 and 15mohm for most of the SOC - not bad at all for a 5.3Ah 8S pack.

The module under test was also extremely well-balanced:

As would be expected from an automotive vendor with access to millions of cells.

The conclusion: you probably want an A-grade pack, but a B-grade pack is completely usable, albeit with degraded performance.

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