Saturday, May 26, 2012


Update 11/7/2013: oneTesla has gained a life of its own and transcended to a new plane of existence! You can get a kit for one here.

oneTesla is a small DRSSTC with the entire driver (tank cap, voltage doubler, bridge, and logic) all on one PCB.
Tech specs:

  • Inverter: half-bridge of FGH40N60SMDF IGBT's
  • Tank capacitor: CDE940C30S68K-F, 0.068 uF@3KV
  • Primary: 4.5 turns of 14 AWG on a 3.5" PVC former
  • Secondary: 2.5x7", 36 AWG with a 2x7" topload. Resonant frequency is ~320KHz
200Apk, 270V bus, 40 uS ON@200BPS, 60VA out of the wall. Sparks are ~6" long
The interrupter lives in a separate box, and is coupled into the driver with coaxial cable. This works OK, though there are still some noise issues that cause the pulsewidth to fluctuate.


Get the Eagle board files [here] if you want to make one...its not quite perfectly reliable yet (in particular, it probably needs a optoisolated interrupter), but it does 6 or 7 inches at 100W fine.
If you're incredibly lazy, the DigiKey order for the most of the components (not the 40N60's), is [here]
Crappy phone video:
Random photos:
Board ready to etch
Primary current
Assembled board
Blindingly bright blue lights


  1. can i also use the HGTG20N60B3D igbt`s or are they too slow ?

  2. They are too slow and have too low of a current rating.

  3. and these;ACTION=3;LA=446;ARTICLE=90433;GROUPID=2888;artnr=IRG+4PC+50UD;SID=10UGHZ2n8AAAIAAGJhoQ0e42f72f9a86e3468ade09d442257d501
    sorry i dont want to wait so long for the igbts from china :-) Im german
    and what current transformer do you use (how many windings)??

  4. You want to get the FGH60N60SMD's from Arrow (which is most certainly not in China).
    I use this CT from Digikey.

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  6. This is great work, but I need to get the eagle files, can you please re attach ?

  7. please add a new website as the website you gave is not working