Bremsthesis is a joint project between Nick Kirkby and myself to build a reasonably performing EV out of used hybrid vehicle parts. The posts about it are gathered here for convenience:

Turning of the motor: How Nick mounted the big (MG2) motor from a Ford Fusion Hybrid and got it to turn.

The original ATMega code: mostly of historical interest - uses 3 hall sensors and interpolation to perform open-loop sine drive on the motor.

First Nucleo board: a direct port of the ATMega code above to the high-performance STM32F411RE microcontroller, with associated development board.

Replacing the resolver: We had shamefully thrown out the resolvers that came with these motors; come watch and laugh at our two weeks of shenanigans as we attempt to replace them.

General legitimizing: Machining a mating spline, plus more position sensor upgrades.

Boost module: A brief diversion as Nick investigated the pinout of the boost IPM.

New "production" board: new board with the right wires for the new position sensors, plus actual connectors for mounting on a vehicle.

Building the vehicle: Hurrah, a donor frame appears!

FOC'ed at last: developing the field-oriented control bits of the loop.

Range Extender Developments: Yes, we're planning on putting a gas engine on this thing.

More Volts, More Bugs: A terrifying 400V, and an equally terrifying number of new bugs.

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