Friday, March 23, 2012

SR2 part 2

...time for the hex cores! So I found these processors on Ebay...
Above CPU-Z screenshot says it all. A0 Xeons are remarkably good at overclocking; 1.3 Vcore and 4 GHz is nothing to sneeze at (many Gulftowns require 1.4V+ to achieve this). The lower stock Vcore (1.0V) helps too I suppose.
Unfortunately the board can no longer hold the highest Turbo multiplier, meaning Turbo is out of the question, as during boot, a 23x multiplier will kick in, causing a crash. And it is well-accepted that going over 200 BCLK on air on an SR-2 is seriously past the point of diminishing returns, so 4GHz is my board-limited overclock.

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